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Norwegian-American Organizations in Illinois

Are you moving to the Chicagol area and are looking for a Norwegian community? Use this list to get in touch with Norwegian-American organizations in our region.

The Norwegian National League

Organized and incorporated in 1899, the Norwegian National League (NNL) of Chicago exists for the purpose of uniting all Norwegian-American organizations in the Chicagoland area. The NNL serves as an umbrella organization comprised of delegates from these organizations. Through various programs, the League and its members endeavor to keep the Norwegian cultural heritage alive.

Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce

The NACC Midwest Chicago Chapter is a nonprofit mutual benefit corporation. Membership is open to all people with personal or business connections to Norway. This chapter covers Chicago and the Midwest region.  The NACC is committed to providing meaningful programs, events and activities to promote trade between Norway and the United States. It also aims to serve as a business conduit and networking organization for and among its members.

Normennenes Singing Society

Normennenes Singing Society of Chicago is one of the oldest, continuously performing, men’s choral groups in America. The choir rehearses every Tuesday evening at the Estonian House in Lincolnshire, Illinois. 

Minnekirken (Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church)

Often referred to as 'The Red Church', Minnekirken, or The Norwegian Lutheran Memorial Church in Chicago, is proud to adorn the vibrant and diverse Logan Square neighborhood. Although all services are bilingual, having elements of both English and Norwegian, they are primarily in English.

Sons of Norway

Sons of Norway promotes Norwegian traditions and fraternal fellowship through the cultural and social opportunities offered in local lodge and district lodge activities. These activities include language camps and classes, scholarships, handicrafts, cooking and heritage classes, heritage programs, sports programs, travel opportunities, Viking Magazine, and outreach programs sponsored by the Sons of Norway Foundation. There are three local lodges in the Chicago area, Elvesund, Polar Star and Skjold.

Norsk Museum

The museum began in 1978 in the oldest Norwegian Lutheran Church in America The museum is dedicated to Norwegian culture and strives to honor and preserve the memory of the Norwegian forefathers who settled in the area. The museum continues to provide a link to the past and its continued preservation into the future. The museum features household items, spinning wheels, rosemaling, bunads, a Viking display, immigrant's trunks, early farm tools and so much more. 

Norge Ski Club

The oldest, continuously open ski club in the United States. It offers ski jump training, club membership and regularly hosts tournaments.

Slooper Society of America

The descendents of the first Norwegians who sailed from Norway to the United States in 1825 on a 54-foot sloop. The Slooper Society is dedicated to continue the pioneering spirit of the first “Slooper” Norwegians in promoting education in the history of Norwegian-Americans and keeping the Norwegian-American first-pioneer legacy alive for generations to come. 

Chicago Torske Klub

The Chicago Torske Klub have been meeting for a traditionally prepared codfish dinner since May of 1960. The tradition continues on the 2nd Saturday of the month between September and May (omitting the summer months). You need not be of Norwegian ancestry to join, just the desire to participate in an afternoon of fellowship, food and entertainment. 

Last updated: August 9, 2021. Please send suggestions for organizations that you think should be on this list to

Honorary Consul Susan Meyer
Susan Meyer is Honorary Consul in Chicago

Susan Meyer is the Honorary Consul in Chicago