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MOT establishes in Minnesota
Posted on: October 26, 2020

The vision of one of Norway’s celebrated star athletes - Atle Vårvik - to equip the youth of today and the leaders of tomorrow with MOT (‘courage’, in Norwegian), is making its debut in the United States. "I have a dream about MOT reaching youth all over the world. The goal has been to establish leading lights for MOT on all continents by 2022. We started up in Europe, thereafter in Africa and Asia. It is therefore historical that MOT Minnesota is now officially founded and ready to become MOT’s leading light on the American continent. My hope is that MOT will strengthen youth’s robustness and promote guidance, role models, mentorship and courage to seek what is right for young people’s lives and future”, said Atle in describing MOT’s vision.

On October 1, 2020, the paperwork to incorporate MOT Minnesota, Inc. as a non-profit organization was filed, and the State of Minnesota officially issued the Certificate of Incorporation on October 13, 2020. MOT Minnesota is expected to begin its activities in the second part of 2021, after its federal '501(c)(30’ nonprofit status has been confirmed. “We are delighted with this milestone; it is the ‘coming to America’ of a much-needed youth development program that will partner with schools throughout the State of Minnesota (and eventually elsewhere in the United States) to equip students with the tools for success through courage, determination, and resilience”, expressed George Saad, Chair, MOT Minnesota Board of Director.

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Honorary Consul Eivind J. Heiberg
Eivind J. Heiberg is Honorary Consul in Minneapolis

Eivind J. Heiberg is the Honorary Consul in Minneapolis