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Dual Citizenship Webinar - Video Now Available
Posted on: September 22, 2020

Please click on the link below to view our webinar on dual citizenship. The video is a recording of the live zoom webinar which took place on September 15, 2020. 



As promised, we are posting questions and answers that we did not have time to answer during the live session:


When will UDI/the Embassy send a representative to Minneapolis to accept completed applications? 

    ANSWER:Week of May 24, 2021 (tentative date)

I became a US citizen (dual) on July 9, 2020. Do I have to register in Norway somewhere to notify Norwegian authorities?

    ANSWER:No, this is not necessary

My daughters were born in the US, but I am a Norwegian citizen. What is the process to apply for Norwegian citizenship for them? They have visited Norway many times, and I believe will meet the 6 month criteria. They also have UK Citizenship (as well as USA), is it possible to have triple citizenship with UK-USA-Norway?

    ANSWER:Yes, triple citizenship is legal in Norway. You will also have to check with the other countries. Apply for retention of citizenship at

My minor son has dual citizenship. How do I document his stays in Norway adequately such he can later in life make his Norwegian Citizenship permanent?

    ANSWER:Apply for retention of citizenship at No need for proof of visits.

I would like to apply for dual citizenship to Norway. My father and mother came from Norway and applied for US citizenship many years ago. My sister and I were born here. Can we apply. My sister is 69 years old and I am 67.

    ANSWER:Check if you are Norwegian citizen at

Do I need to make an appointment for the May 24 week, 2021?

    ANSWER:Yes, but not until winter/early spring when the dates are confirmed 

I was sworn in as a US citizen in 2017, with my Norwegian Passport expiring in 2021. Am I now automatically a dual citizen, with a right to renew my NO passport prior to expiration? Thanks,

    ANSWER:No, you will have to apply to get your Norwegian citizenship reinstated. You no longer have the right to hold a Norwegian passport.

For children that qualify to retain their citizenship, can they fill out their application for this AND passport at the same time?

    ANSWER:Yes if they are under the age of 12 we can do this at our office 

What evidence to I need to present to show that my daughters have spent 6 months total in Norway? Do I need to present the stamps from expired passports for example?

    ANSWER: No evidence needed 

What does "close conncetion" mean? 

   ANSWER:They must have stayed in Norway for at least 6 months before turning 22, see

During these times of COVID is it possible to do a virtual meeting at a consulate rather than in person?

    ANSWER:Depends on the type of appointment. Please contact us. 

My dad was Norwegian. I was born in the Us. I am 51 .can I apply for dual citizenship?

    ANSWER:Check if you qualify at 

Do we lose our original Personnummer (SSN) when we get reinstated as Norwegian Citizens...?? Tusen Takk!!


What documentation do we need to retain our Norwegian Citizenship while applying for the US Passport.

    ANSWER:No action needed

I fall under category 2 "Retention of citizenship" - I am over 22, and I did not apply to retain my Norwegian citizenship before the age of 22, and thus I lost my Norwegian passport awhile ago. My mother is a citizen of Norway and my father is not. I am currently just a US citizen, I fall in grey area though, because I have strong connections to Norway, I have not lived there, but I have spent well over 6 months there visiting my direct family. Over the years it probably amounts to more than 3 years. I just checked on and there was not an option about my situtation. Am I eligble to have my citizenship reinstated?  

    ANSWER:You needed to apply before age 22. You did not loose your citizenship because you took another citizenship, so you cannot apply to reinstate it. UDI can nevertheless consider your application "if you cannot be blamed for failing to meet the deadline, or if it would be unreasonable if you were to lose your Norwegian citizenship." See

For “Retention” for Norwegian citizen children living in the US: for the 2 years residency, was that 2 years straight, or can that also be added together from smaller visits?

    ANSWER: It can be multiple stays but it cannot be vacations. The child would have had to be a resident of Norway.

If your parents immigrated after the war and had to give up citizenship to come to USA, can children apply and get it? If so can the grandchild of those grandparents get it if their parent qualifies under this new policy?

    ANSWER: If one parent was Norwegian when the child war born, the child may be a citizen. See

Do we need to file a document with the Norwegian Embassy/Government to preserve our Norwegian Citizenship? Where can I get that document?   


Politiattest - how long after issuance is it valid for purpose of applying for reinstatement?   

    ANSWER:6 months  

Can my wife (us) get a Norwegian citicenship while we (i am norwegian) live in USA? We have a US born daughter as well (i know she can get dual citizenship)

    ANSWER:  No, she will have to live in Norway with a residence permit for at least three of the last ten years, before she can apply for a Norwegian citizenship. See  

When I travel will the country I travel to know that I have 2 citizenship? like if I travel to China on my Norwegian passport will they know I am also a US citizen?   

    ANSWER: No, unless you tell them  

I am a Norwegian citizen. My wife is a US citizen. We have lived in Norway for 10 years (1993-2003). Currently in US. Can this time period be counted towards the 7 year period?   

    ANSWER: Please see  

In order to correct the folkeregister does it have to be by a mailed letter or can it be by email?

     ANSWER:It will have to be sent via regular mail

My grand parents immigrated to the US in the later part of the 19teens (1914-1919) my father was born in the US in 1920. They moved back to Norge in the early-mid 1920s and then returned to the US about 1930-1932. I know my father had dual citizenship and frequently traveled back and forth. I was born in the US in 1965. I am interested in living/working/becoming a citizen of Norge. From what I have read and heard through this webinar, I do not believe I am eligible for Dual Citizenship, am I correct? I visited Norge and a number of family there 2 years ago and it just felt like home. I am very interested in trying it make it my future home. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated. Tusen takk!   

    ANSWER:You will have to move to Norway and live there for 7 years to become a citizen. To do that, you will need a residency permit. See and click Want to Apply.

With dual citizenship, is it ok to vote in both countries?


As a norwegian citizen we have to file any norwegian paperwork before applying for US Citizenship


The categories for applying are very clear. However, I am wondering if unique circumstances are considered? My parents were both born in Norway and became US citizens before I was born. I lived in Norway from 1993-2000 as a student at UiB. The last three years I was a stipendiat and earned a salary. I have a personnr. I also received a work permit based on "saerlig tilknytning til riket". My parents are now deceased as are my Norwegian grandparents. I have first cousins and extended family. Can one still use "saerlig tilknytning til riket" to apply for citizenship and retain US citizenship? Would I have to move to Norway to apply?  

    ANSWER:Please contact UDI directly, they will have to evaluate your situation.  

I’m a citizen of the USA. I wouldn’t be applying for a Norwegian citizenship. If I wanted to go live in Norway for 6 months, where would I go either online or in person to find out what I need to do? 

    ANSWER: Visit and click want to apply. You will need a residence permit based on education or work.  

My daughter is a Norwegian citizen by bi-beholdelse. Her daughter born in 2014 has dual Norwegian/US citizenship. Will she have to apply for bibeholdelse by 22 years or is that no longer necessary.

    ANSWER: Yes, she does. The rules regarding bibehold (retention of citizenship) have not changed.

Do you need to meet in person to renew a passport that expired due to turning 22? or can this be done through mail?

    ANSWER: All passport applications/renewals are in person only. If you lost your right to a passport before you did not apply for retention of citizenship, you will not be able to renew your passport. 

I am a norwegian citizen who has lived in the US for about 60 years as a resident alien, can I get US citizenship and keep my norwegian citizenship?

    ANSWER: Yes

I was born in Norway -am now a US citz-if i get my Norwegian passport -can my grown daughters born in the US-can they apply for dual citizenship

    ANSWER:  Yes, but only if you were a Norwegian citizen when they were born, and they are under the age of 22. These rules have not changed.

 I have two adult children born in the USA that has dual citizenship (Norwegian/USA) and kept their Norwegian Citizenship through “Bi Behold” bfore turning 22, their mother is US Citizen only. Will their children be eligible for dual citizenship?

    ANSWER: One parent (mother or father) would have to be Norwegian when they were born, and they will have to demonstrate a close connection to Norway.

It's been hard finding out if our applications have been recieved after handing in all the paperwork for retention. What are you process?

    ANSWER: The UDI processes these applications. You can try to check the status with them.


If my dad is deceased, how do I found out if he was a Norwegian citizen when I was born in the US. I don’t know where his records are.

    ANSWER: You will have to locate his immigration papers. Or try contacting USCIS to find out when he became a US citizen. 

how do I find out if I’m still in the folkeregister?

    ANSWER: Contact your nearest consulate or Embassy and they can check for you. 

is the 3 year requirement for spouses to be a US citizen 3 years from the day you got married, or 3 years from when you received your green card/permimanent residence card?  

    ANSWER: Please check this website for information:  

My daughter was born in (USA) August, 2007 while I was still a Norwegian Citizen. Can I still aquire a Norwegian Personnummer for her now, even though I became a US Citizen in 2016..??

    ANSWER:Yes, your daughter is a Norwegian citizen and can get a personal number. She will have to apply for retention of citizenship before turning 22.  


It seems like my situation is not typical. I was born in Norway 1975 to Norwegian mother and US father and mostly raised in the US. I had a norwegian passport until 2002 and spent more than 6 months in Norway before I was 22. How do I find out if I am an exception because of the overlapping details?

    ANSWER: Go to You can also contact UDI directly to ask about your case.

I am 52 and grew up in Norway to Norwegian mother and lived there 7 yrs as child. I never had Norwegian citizenship due to my American fathers decision to not allow this. At time Norway didn’t give mother’s same rights as fathers or I would have had automatic citizenship at birth. Can I apply as an exception to rules 1 or 2? How do I go about this?

    ANSWER: You should be a Norwegian citizen. Contact us and we can look you up in Folkeregisteret and see if any action is needed. You can also try 

My parents were both norwegian citizens, my dad had mandatory U.S. citizenship when he joined the U.S. army before my birth in the U.S. My mom was a norwegian citizen when I was born. Am I eligible? I spent at least 10 months in Norway before 22. I have a Norwegian government number and own property in Norway. Am I eligible?   

    ANSWER: Try filling out this questionnaire: 

How do you obtain a Norwesian Personnummer, if all other requirements for citizenship are filled.     ANSWER: Make an appointment at your nearest consulate or embassy. 

Honorary Consul Eivind J. Heiberg
Eivind J. Heiberg is Honorary Consul in Minneapolis

Eivind J. Heiberg is the Honorary Consul in Minneapolis